Book Covers: Series of 3

Originally posted on The Art of Ashley:
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Nothing by Janne Teller Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Consistent with signature collage style and a love for reading…

A little experimental…and a poll too

Originally posted on The Art of Ashley:
An experimental Photoshop piece2011 A sketch: Ink, colored pencil.2013   An experiment. Colored pencil.2013 An experiment. Ink.2013. Sculpture.Plaster of Paris, acrylics, found objects.An experiment–everybody makes mistakes.2011…

It’s official….

Here I sit at a Portfolio Development lecture (though I use this loosely; I do not think Thom Glick is capable of being anything but interesting) at the Columbus College of Art and… Continue reading


I waited for years for this moment. I’m not ashamed of it, either. I was in the middle of class the day Fall Out Boy announced the end of their hiatus. At the time,… Continue reading

creativity | madness

Ashley, where have you been? I’m talking to myself again. Creativity and madness go hand in hand.

Free Speech?

So…busy…must…update…eventually. 😦 In the meantime: gotta love Shepard Fairey.

Cats: domestic animals or masters of the photo bomb?

Me (feeling productive): I think I’ll create some new eBay listings before I go play tennis. My cat: HA-meow-no. Meow. I’ll photo bomb you…meow . The face of evil… …or something.


A little advice from Coco…

A lot of girls I know like to quote the same sayings from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn over and over. There’s nothing wrong with that, but personally, I’ve found a little more… Continue reading

Distracted Drawing

I get so bored sometimes. So I turn on some music and get inspired to do something. And then I look around and see a blank page, an ink pen, and Prismacolors and… Continue reading

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    Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world... Okay, that was a bit cheesy and cliche. Anyway... I'm a very driven person. I'm generally happy but sometimes cynical (many people have given me a reason to be), but I don't let that stop me. One day, I will own a boutique/coffee shop/bookstore. One day, I will publish a book. One day, I will have success. One day, my dreams will be reality.

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