My thoughts are never organized, but here’s a little about me.

“It must be nice to have money,” my dad said to me. Being a mildly rebellious child, I want to prove him wrong. There is beauty in everyday life, and you don’t need (a lot of) money to find it. I blog to prove that.

I am an artist, a writer, a reader, a shopper, a music lover…

But mostly, I am a real person. I write about it all.

I knew how to read before I even started kindergarten. My love of writing has followed me ever since and transformed slowly but surely into a love of writing as well. Specifically, my head is filled with novels and poetry and song lyrics that I rarely share. I’ve always been into art (mainly drawing, but that’s changing). I don’t always share that, either. Music is my therapy. I keep it in my heart and when someone likes what I like, we’re bonded forever.

When people say that there is no money in writing, art, or music, I want to punch things. But I’m not a violent person, so I don’t. My metaphorical “punch” is my will to prove them wrong.

I like to shop, but that does not make me a typical petty girl. Fashion is wearable art and personality, and like it or not, it will always be around.

I like to make things beautiful. That’s why shopping for me is not just for clothes.

Coffee is delicious. And addictive.

My thoughts are random, as is this blog.

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