Everyone Loves Alice

I’ve mentioned on several occasions my love for Alice in Wonderland (Painting Flowers and Crazy but Awesome), so it’s obvious why I loved this so much. Advertisements

This is your heart beating faster…faster.

So, I may have pulled that title from a Plain White T’s song, but that’s alright. I was looking through my old pictures and found this one of simple artistic EKG-style nail art I did… Continue reading

hot summer daze

“Hot summer daze? Doesn’t she mean ‘days’?” No, no she does not. It is currently 98 degrees where I live in the midst of this drought. I’d rather be in California. I hear… Continue reading

Bright Stripes for Vacation

Fun, bright colors in horizontal stripes for summer vacation. What’s not to love?

I like eBay. Really, I do.

When I first saw this Insight on Chicks on Speed shirt, I thought it was really awesome. From the images to the splashes of watercolor, it intrigued me. I figured I might as… Continue reading

Girly confessions: I like things that smell good (part I)

  My candle collection that is usually scattered throughout my room. I can’t help it; I inherited a candle addiction from my mom. Specifics later… and P.S.: the quote is something I quickly… Continue reading

Aside from the music

People watching…and there were a lot of people. The Ohio River looked gorgeous from the park.

If you haven’t noticed…

To the right of all posts, our Twitter feed now shows up in the sidebar. This is a new thing as of today. Don’t be afraid to follow and interact, and we will… Continue reading

Neon Trees…hey, don’t hate.

Obviously, Neon Trees are not an unknown band. And obviously, a Neon Trees concert is going to be a fun concert. I can tell you from experience that it was. Most people know… Continue reading

Imagine Dragons, I’m sorry I underestimated you

It’s Time by Imagine Dragons has been playing on radio stations for some time now. It frequents the airwaves of the Sirius radio station Alt Nation as well as FM stations across the… Continue reading

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