“Everyone is beautiful, but…”

Because I’m predisposed to be skinny, I am “too skinny” or anorexic. Because I’m skinny, my curves aren’t big enough and I’m not attractive. Countless times I’ve heard people say or read that… Continue reading

Hey Daisy: my type of shop

While in Appleton, I fell in love. There were so many nice people, many with the faint hint of a Canadian accent, as well as many unique shops and boutiques downtown. There are… Continue reading

Crazy but awesome

One thing you should know about me is that I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. I know, I’ve said this already in painting flowers. So, here’s my latest addition to my collection of… Continue reading

My ideal coffee shop

Acoca Coffee in Appleton, Wisconsin, was the first coffee shop I went to upon arriving in the town. Immediately, I loved it. And yes, that is also ice cream you see. It was… Continue reading

From my eyes

Gloria Jean’s White Chocolate Caramel Latte (delicious, by the way) from a rest stop in Indiana and a book to read. And we’re still hours away.

painting flowers

Inspired by “Painting Flowers” by All Time Low, a song off of “Almost Alice”, the soundtrack for the latest Alice in Wonderland movie. I originally included some of the lyrics but ended up… Continue reading


EEK. I’ve gotta start packing. I leave Sunday morning for Wisconsin with my family. Hanging around Appleton for three days, then on the agenda is the Dells (water parks…YES) and then to Minnesota… Continue reading

Anxiety speaks.

This is one of my favorite projects. Fun, quick, and easy, yet effective. xx Ash

Changing Colours: A self-portrait

See? I can draw. Each individual portrait is drawn freehand based off of a picture. The black and white inverse and regular drawings are done in a charcoal gradient. The cool and warm… Continue reading

Bad luck for ages.

Four broken mirrors, some blood, some flames, only to screw up the final project. (If you don’t see the mistake, don’t look for it…it only bothers me every day.) Hmmm. Thinking of redoing… Continue reading

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    Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world... Okay, that was a bit cheesy and cliche. Anyway... I'm a very driven person. I'm generally happy but sometimes cynical (many people have given me a reason to be), but I don't let that stop me. One day, I will own a boutique/coffee shop/bookstore. One day, I will publish a book. One day, I will have success. One day, my dreams will be reality.

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