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EEK. I’ve gotta start packing. I leave Sunday morning for Wisconsin with my family. Hanging around Appleton for three days, then on the agenda is the Dells (water parks…YES) and then to Minnesota… Continue reading

Different outlooks on the same old things.

This is a tube top, right? For your top. Obviously. There’s even the little things to hang it up with.    Well, that’s correct, but not in this case. Those tight body con skirts are… Continue reading

Playing dress up by myself.

Warning: My camera is no good. But it still managed to captured just some of the beauties I’ve rescued from various dusty old Goodwill stores. I didn’t want to edit them much so I… Continue reading

Well, it was good in theory…

Yesterday, my mom said to me, “Do you want to go to Goodwill?” The answer to this question is ALWAYS yes. ALWAYS. A lot of people bash Goodwill and think it’s disgusting. But to… Continue reading

Things I Love… (a Lucky 7 list from Ashley’s notebook)

eBay:  I used to think of it as an online scam, but lately I’ve grown to love it likethat outcast that doesn’t really deserve to be an outcast. Obviously, there are still some… Continue reading

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    Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world... Okay, that was a bit cheesy and cliche. Anyway... I'm a very driven person. I'm generally happy but sometimes cynical (many people have given me a reason to be), but I don't let that stop me. One day, I will own a boutique/coffee shop/bookstore. One day, I will publish a book. One day, I will have success. One day, my dreams will be reality.

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