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Glamour Kills

I’ve honestly never found a brand like Glamour Kills. GK clothing, both guy’s and girl’s,  is defined by graphic tees, interesting quotes, skinny jeans, punk rock style, and…well, see for yourself from these… Continue reading

Ida Maria: the two songs that sparked my obsession

I love variety in music, and lately my preferences have been centered around artists with European backgrounds, including, but not limited to, the Arctic Monkeys (England), Belle and Sebastian (Scotland), Garbage (Scotland), Kate… Continue reading

The best “Doctor” around

Doctor Martens: seriously underrated where I live. I think I know two other people  besides myself that own a pair. Maybe it’s because people think of them a massive work shoes or the… Continue reading

Betsey the Bold

Betsey Johnson is one of the biggest trendsetters out there, and has been since the 1960’s. I’ve tried to find other brands like hers, but there is nothing. I’ve found more brands imitating her style… Continue reading

Wanted: People to help me break into Lucy Hale’s wardrobe (and steal all of her clothes)

I am not the type to obsess over celebrities. I don’t keep track of birthdays or hometowns or anything like that. But I would make an exception for this girl: Okay, maybe I… Continue reading

Things I Love… (a Lucky 7 list from Ashley’s notebook)

eBay:  I used to think of it as an online scam, but lately I’ve grown to love it likethat outcast that doesn’t really deserve to be an outcast. Obviously, there are still some… Continue reading

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    Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world... Okay, that was a bit cheesy and cliche. Anyway... I'm a very driven person. I'm generally happy but sometimes cynical (many people have given me a reason to be), but I don't let that stop me. One day, I will own a boutique/coffee shop/bookstore. One day, I will publish a book. One day, I will have success. One day, my dreams will be reality.

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