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that cost you how much?!

Pretty coffee mugs, right? They’re a work of art on their own. At Hobby Lobby, mugs sell for $15 give or take. But of course, some of you know by now how I… Continue reading

hot summer daze

“Hot summer daze? Doesn’t she mean ‘days’?” No, no she does not. It is currently 98 degrees where I live in the midst of this drought. I’d rather be in California. I hear… Continue reading

Universal accessories and two of my favorite stores

A few months ago, I bought these earrings from Rue 21 for $3. Nothing too special, yet I’ve learned that they go with absolutely EVERYTHING.  As does an orange Nine West over-the-shoulder bag… Continue reading

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    Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world... Okay, that was a bit cheesy and cliche. Anyway... I'm a very driven person. I'm generally happy but sometimes cynical (many people have given me a reason to be), but I don't let that stop me. One day, I will own a boutique/coffee shop/bookstore. One day, I will publish a book. One day, I will have success. One day, my dreams will be reality.

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