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Ashley, where have you been? I’m talking to myself again. Creativity and madness go hand in hand. Advertisements

Distracted Drawing

I get so bored sometimes. So I turn on some music and get inspired to do something. And then I look around and see a blank page, an ink pen, and Prismacolors and… Continue reading

Everyone Loves Alice

I’ve mentioned on several occasions my love for Alice in Wonderland (Painting Flowers and Crazy but Awesome), so it’s obvious why I loved this so much.

Juan Francisco Casas: are you SURE these are drawings??

Frankly, when I saw the pictures below, I wasn’t impressed. Why? I thought they were Photoshopped. But then I read more. Juan Francisco Casas draws incredibly realistic portraits–many of which are racy pictures of… Continue reading

painting flowers

Inspired by “Painting Flowers” by All Time Low, a song off of “Almost Alice”, the soundtrack for the latest Alice in Wonderland movie. I originally included some of the lyrics but ended up… Continue reading

Anxiety speaks.

This is one of my favorite projects. Fun, quick, and easy, yet effective. xx Ash

Changing Colours: A self-portrait

See? I can draw. Each individual portrait is drawn freehand based off of a picture. The black and white inverse and regular drawings are done in a charcoal gradient. The cool and warm… Continue reading

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