I’m not trying to be a slacker, I promise

I have been gone a very, VERY long time.

Oops, my bad.

I have so much to update. Adsense, by the way, does as well… (WHERE IS MY ACCOUNT APPROVAL?!)

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to sell my excess amount of clothes on eBay. It’s hard, though, because I feel like if it isn’t new (with or without tags), at a huge discount, or a big name brand, luck only comes through once in a while when someone decides to buy from me. I mean, I just want to sell the nice stuff I have but don’t want so I can start to MAKE stuff I do like.

I mean, this is a nice American Eagle shirt, right? It’s only listed for $8 and has three watchers, but any bids? Nope.

And this Hollister shirt…$7.50, like new. But I get it. It’s still “pre-owned.”

And I always loved this shirt…

Again, isn’t this adorable? $6 and only worn once from rue21, so it basically is new. But I get it. There are scammers and people are cautious, and it’s not a name brand.

Also, a nice pair of Aeropostale jeans. Oh well…

Ah, I apologize for the rant. At least you got to look at pretty pictures of clothes. These are the woes of an eBayer determined to sell her stuff while making the buyer happy…

I WILL be back, my friends.

But for now, I need to try to make money to save up for later uses.