First try fails

It’s very difficult to update when you never get on a computer, so you’ll have to bear with my lackluster updates from my phone. I’m also trying to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and write journal entries for every two chapters by next Wednesday. By the way, I don’t know how to write the entries because I’ve never had to write anything informal…for a grade. And then I have tennis everyday, and work…I’d rather blog full-time. But my adsense account still hasn’t been approved and I’m getting frustrated.
Enough of my complaining.
Tennis is constantly on my brain, so I wanted to try a tennis ball-inspired textured manicure.

It didn’t turn out as great as I envisioned.
I wanted to try my own version of a fellow WordPresser’s Tennis Ball Manicure, but soon realized I didn’t have the materials. Instead, I mixed colors to get what I wanted and applied clear, confetti-style glitter for texture.


It sort of worked. It admittedly looks better with a different color. And in a lesser quantity.


And I’ve had various Sally Hansen Nail Art pens for years, so I used one to draw the lines like a tennis ball has.


It looks more like a green basketball, or a softball. I couldn’t find my white pen sadly.
I’ll probably be taking this off to do a different manicure tomorrow.

First attempt: failed.

But I am not afraid to try again. Just not anytime soon.

Much love to all.