A Hollywood Party? Not specific enough.

I was invited to a Hollywood-themed party taking place this Saturday. Now, to me, this could mean trashy, classy, or crazy.

Nothing here is too trashy, though. I’ve seen worse.

I asked the hostess to clarify, to which she replied, “Well, I’m wearing a really cute dress. It’s sort of like what you’d wear on the red carpet.”

I highly doubt this is the type of dress she plans to wear.

I’m still at a loss. I’m sure I have stuff already in my wardrobe to work with, but I think I’m going to hit up Goodwill anyway to see what I find. I always find something fancy. I was also thinking about going vintage, but who knows.

There is SO much variety on the red carpet. I really don’t want to be too fancy. I won’t feel comfortable. I’m getting lazier and lazier by the day, anyway. (Oops.)

I love Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson, but come on…Shay Mitchell is a fox. There’s no denying it. Although I couldn’t wear something that short.

Knowing the host, she just wants people to show up in nice clothes, because in this small town, no one has any type of fancy party. I refuse to wear a long dress. I just want something my style, because isn’t that all the red carpet is?

I actually really love this outfit.

hmm…decisions decisions.