that cost you how much?!

Pretty coffee mugs, right? They’re a work of art on their own. At Hobby Lobby, mugs sell for $15 give or take. But of course, some of you know by now how I am about money. Did I spend $30 just for two pretty coffee mugs?

Of course not.

These mugs were each in the clearance aisle for…wait for it…

…one dollar each. Boom. There was a reason for this, though.

Yes, each of them have a chip on the rim, but it’s not like an entire piece is missing. It’s not entirely noticeable thanks to a black Sharpie marker. Each chip on the rim was only noticeable when the white underneath showed through, so my mom decided to take a Sharpie to it and now it’s barely noticeable. One must make sure not to drink from the chipped side, but that’s no big deal. They’re still cool mugs, and worth $2.

You’d be surprised what you can do with Hobby Lobby clearance items. They’re not as worthless as one may think.