I don’t like to do my hair, so…I don’t.

Curling irons, straighteners, things like that…they’re all too much  work and heat for the summertime. Or anytime, really.

But…it still looks like this.


Well, one day I was searching videos for how to do a rope braid, and came across a video that showed how a rope braid can be used to curl your hair. Needless to say, I tried it, and it works. I seriously do it almost every night.

This was not the first video I used, but it was the one that explained it best for me. I’ve used this technique with only one braid and with two. In the pictures above, I used two like she does. After using this technique for awhile, you begin to develop your own ways of making it work. I don’t like gel, so I don’t use it. I just use leave in conditioner and various types of spray meant for beachy waves. I sometimes scrunch the waves once they are loosened to define them, then mix a bit of salt spray and leave-in and run it through my hair (without messing up the waves/curls too much) to get the frizz/flyaways down.

These pictures show my hair yesterday. I don’t wash my hair everyday unless absolutely necessary. Today, my hair still looks good from using this method.

This video really helped me, so I’m just spreading the love. 🙂