Twentysomething Peter Barbee (a.k.a. Among Savages) moved from the Smoky Mountains to Nashville as a 17-year-old, and his aptly titled debut—Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind—features the artist’s reflections on youth. Terrified quickly builds into a smooth, stirring foot-tapper, with a gentle maelstrom of acoustic guitars, choral accompaniment, and string accents. Barbee confesses he needs stop running, quit playing hide-and-seek with his doubts and fears, and overcome a childhood tendency to suppress his emotions.” — iTunes Store

Sometimes the free songs on iTunes are complete busts. I wouldn’t consider this one of those songs. I downloaded this when it was free back in February (?) and I don’t regret it. A friend of mine compared it to Bon Iver. I would call it mellow and peaceful with almost angelic vocals. Form whatever opinion you like. If you didn’t download it for free then you might as well listen to it and decide if it’s worth buying now. I can honestly say that it isn’t a song I listen to enough to actually buy, but since it was a free download I didn’t have to. It’s still great to have to listen to occasionally.