Fred Flare = fun

Sometimes pricey, sometimes reasonable, Fred Flare sells just about everything fun. Not just apparel, but also accessories, gifts, and especially oddities. This is going to be a long post consisting mostly of pictures, because I love this store/website. I had to cut down on some things because there was too much, so just check out for more!

Sheer Top Dot Dress

Sheer Top Dot Dress

BB Dakota Fea Dress

BB Dakota Tomio Dress

Many Belles Down Cape Town Dress

Brush Strokes Tank Dress

Insight Ink Blot Dress

Many Belles Down Barcelona Dress

BB Dakota Aiko Dress

BB Dakota Aiko Dress

Insight Goa Dress

Tulle Lace Layered Tank Dress

Unisex Limited Edition Evian Baby Nicolas Tee

Red Hot Boyfriend Blazer

Periwinkle Kendall Dress

Springsteen Leggings

3 in 1 Neon Nail Art Pen

3 in 1 Neon Nail Art Pen

Crystal Cave Rock Ring

Hot Pink Skulls Scarf

DIY Charm Necklace

Cupcake Shower Cap

Disney Couture Drink Me Necklace–can you say ‘Alice’??

Sun-Staches Mustache Sunglasses

Sun-Staches Mustache Sunglasses

Kiel Mead Forget Me Knot Ring

Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set

Pixel Frame Sunglasses

Magic Unicorn Mask

Positivity Glass

Pac-Man Oven Mitt


Cupid Cupid’s Ice Cube Tray

Snack & Stack Utensil Set

Mustache Straws

Mustache Straws

Tea Duckie: Floating Tea Infuser

Sweet Dreams Cupcake Pillow

500XL GIANT Earbud Speakers

500XL GIANT Earbud Speakers

Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Boo Boo Kisses Band-aids

Gigantic Donut Pool Float


World’s Largest Coffee Cup

Colorblock Roller Skates

Mustachifier Baby Pacifier

45 Record Coaster Set–I really want these!

Birds on a Wire Photo Clips

Cupcake Notepad

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I always do when I look at Fred Flare products.