I like eBay. Really, I do.

When I first saw this Insight on Chicks on Speed shirt, I thought it was really awesome. From the images to the splashes of watercolor, it intrigued me. I figured I might as well bid on it. Unfortunately, it was priced in British pounds because the seller lives in London, so I had to keep converting the price to what I’d be paying in dollars. It got to around $20 and I decided to back off on the bidding, but then, without realizing it, I must have bid again and got the top bid. And then, I won. On accident. I think it ended up being around $25, which I was hesitant to spend on a shirt on eBay, but then again, it’s a really cool shirt. Throughout all this, I contacted the seller who was incredibly understanding.

Other sellers aren’t too kind if you contact them with questions. For example, shipping for this item was $4.95 whereas another item I was interested in had $10.95 shipping. I should also point out that the latter seller’s location is much closer to me than Elisa’s, the girl who sold me this shirt. Yet the other seller was very rude about me asking about alternative shipping options (and I worded it in a friendly way. It’s not like I said, “Your prices suck”). Needless to say, I didn’t buy that other item, and neither did anyone else. Oh Bad Karma

So I am partially here to show off my eBay find and partially to say how much I love and appreciate eBay seller elisajs. She understood that I was troubled about accidentally bidding when I didn’t mean to, which is why I ended up buying the shirt rather than have her contact the second highest bidder. She sent me a complimentary hair scrunchie for my trouble, which she hand-made. For some reason I can’t find it right now, but it is a very cool rainbow scrunchie. But that’s not all: she also gave me a 20% discount on my next purchase at her etsy store. So needless to say, if she has an item on eBay that you like, buy it. She won’t let you down.