hot summer daze

“Hot summer daze? Doesn’t she mean ‘days’?”

No, no she does not.

It is currently 98 degrees where I live in the midst of this drought. I’d rather be in California. I hear the weather is in the 70s. On hot summer days, I feel like I’m in a daze (get it now?) because it just feels too hot to do anything. I rarely take the time to put on make-up, do my hair, wear something nice, etc., when it is like this outside. So what does one do when it’s like this outside but leaving the house is absolutely necessary?

Well, I wore light blue and white pinstripe shorts with this grey printed strapless top and that lacy thing over it. I’m not sure what to call it, therefore it is a lacy thing. With a multi-chain necklace, it makes the outfit still look decent for a hot day. Also, rather than flip flops I wore golden/bronze madden girl strappy wedges. I opted for a simple ponytail and mascara in the beauty department. My sunburn would’ve taken away from any sort of fanciness there, anyway.

Lacy thing: bought on sale a summer or two ago at JC Penney’s. Less than $10.

Strapless top: hand me down. Free.

Shorts: Goodwill. $3.50

Necklace: gift. Free.

Shoes: on sale at Elder-Beerman last year. Around $20. I think.

Then when I saw my mom today, I really liked her outfit as well. She works in an air conditioned office so her outfit options are a bit greater than mine.

She wore this to work, only with a light-weight white sweater with quarter-length sleeves and nude cork wedges. This was the dinner outfit variation.

Tank top: Maurice’s sale. $5.

Red capris: $13.99. Wal-Mart. (I know, right?)

Sandals: JC Penney’s sale. Somewhere around $7.

Obviously, I got my super shopping skills from her. Both outfits are summery, everyday outfits. They may be considered plain, but for a casual day, why go all out? Plus, it’s 98 degrees. That’s my main excuse.

Stay cool, everyone!