Jukebox the Ghost has won me over

It’s safe to say that I didn’t know a lot of the bands playing at Bunbury. There were a handful of awesome bands that I did know that sealed the deal for me. Jukebox the Ghost was NOT one of the bands that I knew. I had heard of them, but that’s not saying much because I’ve heard of a lot of bands. So when someone I was with wanted to stay and watch Jukebox on the main stage, I didn’t object, because why not put music to the name?

Jukebox is peppy and fun with great vocals and instruments. The lead singer plays keyboard while singing, not the guitar or bass like many others do. I have a weakness for bands that use piano/keyboard in abundance as I myself play.

“Somebody” was one song I saw them perform. This is not one of those bands  that sounds incredibly different live. He CAN hit those high notes you hear on the album, and no, he does not lip-sync.

Yet another song Jukebox the Ghost played at Bunbury. I wish I would’ve been able to get closer to the stage while they played, which is why I am lacking pictures.  Obviously, I really enjoyed them, and I hope someone else out there reading this does too.