Imagine Dragons, I’m sorry I underestimated you

It’s Time by Imagine Dragons has been playing on radio stations for some time now. It frequents the airwaves of the Sirius radio station Alt Nation as well as FM stations across the country. When I first heard it, I had nothing against the song, but I didn’t hear it and think, “This song is amazing; I have to see them live.” But then I did see them live at Bunbury.

Let me tell you, they should be on the main stage by next year (just my opinion). The band itself was fun, but add in extremely enthusiastic fans and the level of fun multiplies. I mentioned in my post about Jukebox the Ghost that I love bands that rely on keyboard/piano, but I should also add that bands that rely on drums are also some of my favorite. There is no denying that Imagine Dragons uses drums.

There was not a song they played that I did not love. Radioactive, however, was by far my favorite. It sounded different live than on the EP, but in a fantastic way. Live it was even more powerful, the drums were louder and more prominent…every element of the song complimented each other so well. I can’t even explain it in words. It is a performance that still sticks with me and a performance that I’d love to see again.

Plus, I got some fairly decent pictures with my phone’s decent, incredibly fast camera.


I think the pictures alone show the energy of Imagine Dragons. Lots of love to you guys for putting on an amazing show.