Universal accessories and two of my favorite stores

A few months ago, I bought these earrings from Rue 21 for $3. Nothing too special, yet I’ve learned that they go with absolutely EVERYTHING.  As does an orange Nine West over-the-shoulder bag I bought yesterday for $14.99 from Tj Maxx. I hate having to carry things around, so I honestly bought it more for my own comfort than for looks. That’s what is great about over-the-shoulder bags: you don’t have to hold onto them. They just go over your shoulder (hence the name).

I went back to Rue 21 yesterday and bought more stuff. I love their prices and styles. The same goes for Tj Maxx. Variety is fantastic. What I bought also proved that my earrings and bag work with everything…

I love black and white graphic print shirts. While there was only a large left, it was on sale for $3. Also, it doesn’t fit like a large whatsoever.

I also thought it would look good tied (which it does).

New dress! I couldn’t resist. $7

I quite like loose shirts with loose sleeves. I know it looks sort of strange in the picture, but it’s better worn. Great for hot days (like today…it is 102 degrees at the moment). $8

This has a sheer back and is somewhat low-cut, so a tank top underneath is a must or my mother would not approve. $5

I am a spontaneous traveler at heart (although I could never actually hitchhike) so this graphic tee particularly appealed to me for $5.

And I figured if I put some inserts into this $5 shoes to make them more comfortable rather than risking a nicer, more expensive pair, these would be perfect for the music festival.

 What a day of deals. I can’t wait to head back.