Music festivals are not fashion shows…

In 9 days, I will be at the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio. While I’ve been to concerts, I’ve never been to an actual festival. I am extremely excited, but I am also worried. It’s going to be hot. tells me that Friday’s high is supposed to be 91 degrees. So I’ll be out in the sun with the other people I’m going with, and a lot of other people I don’t know. It’s going to get HOT. Which is why I have the dilemma of what to wear. And if I should take my phone/camera with me. Obviously, I want to get pictures, but is it worth the risk? I hear horror stories of people getting things ruined all the time, whether it be phone, sunglasses, or shoes.

On that note…

Why would I want to wear something like this to a music festival, just to ruin it? I found this on one website showing various music festival looks.

Many websites are extremely impractical about their outfit suggestions. I get that outfits such as these are more of the norm at Coachella, but not always the rest of them! And since Bunbury is new, there is no one to tell me what it’s like. I’m thinking simple is the key here.  Especially if it will end up being something like this:

I really don’t want to be caught wearing something like the pink dress above in a crowd like this. But I’ll figure it out.