“Everyone is beautiful, but…”

Because I’m predisposed to be skinny, I am “too skinny” or anorexic.

Because I’m skinny, my curves aren’t big enough and I’m not attractive.

Countless times I’ve heard people say or read that “skinny isn’t the only beautiful” and that “guys like curves better than sticks.” While I understand that this is meant to comfort the girls who aren’t genetically “thin,” it also hurts the girls who are. Now, I’m not saying if you’re not thin, you’re not attractive. One of the prettiest girls I know is, medically speaking, overweight, but she has one of the most beautiful faces and personalities of all of the people I have met. Another one of the prettiest girls I know is stick-thin, probably size 0, also with a beautiful face and personality. Who is to say that one of them isn’t beautiful?

Because I’m pale, I need to tan.

My ancestry is predominantly Austrian and German, so yes, I am very pale. I don’t tan easily, although I can get a tan. People tell me all the time that I am so white and that I should get a tan. I feel just fine at this skin tone.

Because I have emotions, I must cut myself.

Everyone has emotions. Back in 6th grade, people were especially cruel. I wasn’t one of the girls that flirted with all of the guys and smiled and giggled. I didn’t talk nonstop. I got called “emo,” meaning that I must cut myself. I didn’t.

Because I have different tastes than other people, I am a hipster.

I don’t have a closet full of shirts that advertise Abercrombie, Hollister, and other companies. My iPod isn’t filled with the weekly America’s Top 40 Hits. I haven’t seen all of the new comedies filled with nudity and drugs. I don’t drink and do drugs every night like many people do. This all makes me weird and a “hipster” because there aren’t many people in my town like that.

I don’t have an eating disorder, I don’t cut myself, I don’t think I’m a hipster, I’m not stuck up, and I’m not rich.

This is the age of the “everyone is beautiful” movement, yet I have still been bullied and criticized. I need no sympathy. These are just my informal thoughts. I know there are many people that have been in similar situations or have felt similar feelings. There is no perfect, yet we are expected to fit into the mold of the perfect person. The true you, however, is the amazing person. Lately I’ve been thinking about the bad things that have been said about me, but within every single one of these comments, I’ve seen the good. I’ve realized why the comments shouldn’t affect me, and why some are completely invalid. Why was I ever bothered by these things? It’s human nature. It happens to everybody, and nobody deserves it. I want more people to see the good, and how much more there is of it than the bad, and use the good to be who you are. Throughout everything, there will always be someone out there who accepts and supports you. I promise you that.

Lots of love to everyone, today and everyday.