Hey Daisy: my type of shop

While in Appleton, I fell in love. There were so many nice people, many with the faint hint of a Canadian accent, as well as many unique shops and boutiques downtown. There are also many bars, but I didn’t go to any. Obviously.

The fun appearance of the store from the outside don’t do it justice. At all.

This is what I saw when I walked in. The dresses are what first drew me in, but what I really loved about this store was it’s variety. There was jewelry and shoes, but more than anything, there were candles and wall art, coffee mugs and air fresheners for cars. Everything about it was unique. Looking at tags on dresses, for example, I didn’t recognize any of the brands. Yet the prices weren’t sky high.

Looking towards the front from the back.

One of the displays containing mugs, candles, greeting cards, and more, also with wall art around it.

I saw this dress and thought of Betsey Johnson‘s style. (I didn’t try it on, however, because my brother was with me and wasn’t too happy about it.)

When I first saw this, I thought it was a shirt and skirt combination, but it is actually all one piece. I think it’s adorable.

The second time I went back, I tried on a dress that I had been admiring.

That’s me, too excited to care about the quality of the picture. I was in love.

I originally planned to retake a picture of the dress, but I thought that this dressing room picture captured my feelings perfectly. I  ended buying the dress. I am yet to decide if I should save it for a formal event or wear it whenever I feel like being bold and dressing up. I would’ve bought out the whole store if I could have. Instead, I just bought three things.

I loved this store. Five stars, two thumbs up, whatever. The floating manager of the stores (there are four locations) was there both times I went, and she was extremely friendly and helpful. I’ve always wanted to open a clothing store, and visiting Hey Daisy made me realize that I can (and need to).

If you’re ever in the area, go to one of the Hey Daisy stores. If not, shop online. You won’t find the clothing there, however. You’ll find this dress in my closet, though…