Playing dress up by myself.

The “preview” black and white dress. This is definitely my favorite. The two crisscrossing lines meet at a point in the back.

Warning: My camera is no good. But it still managed to captured just some of the beauties I’ve rescued from various dusty old Goodwill stores. I didn’t want to edit them much so I just used some of Photobucket’s basic tools to make the dresses look better. I don’t look too great in some pictures, but I don’t really care. I didn’t really accessorize because I wanted the emphasis on the dresses. Enjoy…

Grey, lacy, and lovely. Second favorite.

This is actually a dress that is not my normal size, but it still fit me perfectly.

This pink lace dress is definitely hand-made. I had to come back the next day to buy it because Julianne and I were dropped off at closing time and didn’t have money. I’m glad I went back.

Some of the pictures turned out blurry but I didn’t notice until I uploaded them all. This is one of them. I usually don’t like wearing cap sleeves but I liked this.
(P.S. I once got called Pocahontas for wearing a dress with this type of pattern.)

Again, a blurry one. This one was sized XL, which I am not, but fit well with a belt.

These were just my recent finds plus some of my favorites. I have oh so many more, and not all are dresses.

Yes, I’m pretty proud of the stuff I find, and I encourage people to look for things for themselves too. Just not in the same locations I go to…