Different outlooks on the same old things.

This is a tube top, right? For your top. Obviously. There’s even the little things to hang it up with.


 Well, that’s correct, but not in this case. Those tight body con skirts are in now, and tube tops are slowly making a return but aren’t exactly popular, but they used to be. Still have your old ones? Here’s what I use them for. Excuse how twisted mine is.

 I’ve discovered that I like finding different uses for things.


 Long flowered skirt… 

 …or maybe a short flowered dress? With a belt and sweater, shawl, etc., of course.


 Just because it’s not your size doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit.


 Man, I look seductive.

Relax. That was my sarcasm taking control.

Anyhow, it looks better in real life than it does in the picture. Bigger sizes make for slouchy outfits, and slouchy is good in some cases.

And my last new outlook of the night…


 This shirt is approximately three sizes too big for me, but not as long as the shirt/dress. 

 So I made it into a tie shirt using one of those clear little hair elastics. I actually bought a shirt that was made pre-tied, but I like this better. I can still wear it without the tie.

So here you go. Tried and true by yours truly, though the outcome may vary. Try it sometime.



P.S.: I got all but the plus size shirt while thrifting.