Well, it was good in theory…

Yesterday, my mom said to me, “Do you want to go to Goodwill?” The answer to this question is ALWAYS yes. ALWAYS.

A lot of people bash Goodwill and think it’s disgusting. But to me, it is just another thrift store. I have found some of my favorite things there, including books, shoes, jewelry, dresses…and a lot more. You just have to be willing to dig around, and wash what you do find. I don’t know where it got its bad reputation. I bought Rock and Republic jeans from there once. How is that bad?

Later, I will post my finds. I’ve been behind on posting my own pictures because my camera is, to put it nicely, not the best. I found a lot yesterday on its own, but also on previous Goodwill runs. Goodwill trips in bigger cities are especially fun because some cities have multiple Goodwills as well as other thrift/secondhand stores.

Until I get around to taking decent pictures, here’s what I didn’t find. In other words, here are some things that I tried, but ended up being really bad decisions. Also, I apologize in advance for the quality of my photos. Most places don’t take too kindly to people taking in a camera and a tripod into the dressing room with them, so I was forced to use my phone. And no, I could not take a picture of me wearing these terrible choices, because they all looked too horrible on me to show to the general public. I always head straight to the dress section first, and I generally tend to take risks with what I bring into the dressing room. Lots and lots of risks.

Here is my arm after removing the hangers from it:

Oh dear.

It honestly kind of hurt, but I was too excited to notice. Whoever has been donating their clothes lately is my new best friend. Which is kind of awkward since we’ve never met.

Like this dress.

I saw this salmon-colored dress and thought, oh, this is cute! Ruffles never work for me, but I decided it was worth a try.

I tried, but it didn’t look good. I still don’t really know why. I keep looking at this picture and wondering why I didn’t like it. I’m thinking it was meant for a more voluptuous version of me, maybe.

Then I tried ANOTHER style that never works for me (I know…what was I thinking?), only I didn’t care for this one as much as the dress above. This was just an experiment to see if it would actually fit my torso (it actually did, which is a first).

I looked like an explorer’s assistant.

And then, of a similar khaki coloring, only minus the attached leg holes:

I was too lazy to button it all the way for the picture. If you couldn’t tell, it is an oversize shirt dress.

This actually fit really well, except for the sleeves. It looked better than I thought it would (this was just something I had planned to try. It was bigger than my size, but it has a tie-back:

It led me on.

It was nice if the sleeves didn’t make me look like a carnival pirate.

 I’ve seen quite a few dresses of this style (I call it vintage crochet dress, flapper style, complete with fringe) while eBay shopping, so I figured I could try it on. I thought the fringe would be annoying, but it wasn’t. The dress was not at all shape-flattering, though. From my phone I adjusted the lighting so that you can see the crochet patterns, which explains the bad exposure.

Close-up of the pattern

It’s a shame it didn’t work. It could’ve been cool.

Then I was thinking about vacation. Actually, I was thinking, “I should go all-out tourist.”


 Totally tropical vacation-style (I’m not going on a tropical vacation, but that’s beside the point). It ended up being too stretched out in the stomach area, anyway. Probably a good thing since this isn’t really my style.

This final dress was probably my biggest risk. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a risk. It was more like a case of bad judgement. I thought, you know, maybe this could be cute…

 This really could’ve been a fun dress. I was half correct about it being cute. The skirt flared adorably and I still like the polka dots, but the cap sleeves and the collar completely ruined it. The top half made the dress seem like a kid’s first day of school outfit. I guess if that’s what you’re going for, then it’s cute.

So there you have it: my failures of the dress section. Bad finds like these discourage people from trying Goodwill and thrift stores. That and the patience it takes to find something great. But trust me, it is definitely worth it.

More to come on that subject later…stay tuned! But until then, here’s a preview…

My pretty little vintage beauty.