The best “Doctor” around

Doctor Martens: seriously underrated where I live. I think I know two other people  besides myself that own a pair. Maybe it’s because people think of them a massive work shoes or the shoes of the grungy ’90s type.

Dr. Martens Triumph 1914 boots in brown
AKA My Docs

I don’t consider these work boots, or grungy. I mean, look at them. They have floral print and satin ribbon laces. I seriously love them. That’s why I bought them (I’ll post a picture of my own later). I’ll admit, they weren’t cheap. Buying these was a splurge on my part, and my only splurge, but it was justified. Here’s why:

  • Doctor Martens offer a lifetime warranty. Keep the box and proof of purchase and you’re set.
  • The sole and upper are sewn, not just glued, together.
  • The air-cushioned sole isn’t that barely there, uncomfortable thing that barely serves as a barrier between your foot in the ground. It’s thick and it’s comfortable. It takes time to get used to the look of the thick heel that comes with it, but just remind yourself: it’s adding an extra inch.
  • I always get compliments when I wear them.
  • They go with pretty much everything.

I could list more reasons–many more–but instead, here are some more of their fantastic shoes:

Castel Indigo Denim Victorian Flowers

1B99 Sand Botanic

Janice Charcoal
Yes, a little bit punk rocker, but I quite like them.

Now, I couldn’t post all of my favorites. All images are from the Dr. Martens US website, except the two light blue colored shoes, which link to the sites I obtained them from. The light blue/mint colored on the right are the Dr. Martens style 1460. These are extremely popular because they come in so many different colors, materials, patterns, etc. If you’ve never checked out what Dr. Martens has to offer, DO IT! DO IT NOW! Can’t afford the prices? Well, it’s still good inspiration.