Wanted: People to help me break into Lucy Hale’s wardrobe (and steal all of her clothes)

I am not the type to obsess over celebrities. I don’t keep track of birthdays or hometowns or anything like that. But I would make an exception for this girl:

Lucy Hale

Picture courtesy of pulsemusic.com

Okay, maybe I wouldn’t learn everything about her, but I’d at least obsess over her clothes. Lucy Hale has an amazing style. I first noticed on Pretty Little Liars in her role as Aria and then was inspired to look up her own off-camera wear.

How I describe her style: dark with a girly edge.

I’d steal it.

Now, here’s what I mean.

Dark yet girly, casual yet adorable.

Patterned skirts are so awesome. Enough said.

Leather jacket: check.
Black and yellow-flowered dress: check.
Over the shoulder bag: check.

I never used to be into the shorts and tights or shorts and boots look, but this year I’ve grown to like it. I’ve never worn it myself, though. I’ve seen some girls who can pull it off and others who can’t.
Lucy is one that can.

Cheetah print sweater again, huh?
It works. Again.

High lace shirt + big necklace = good combination

I’m not a jean skirt fan, honestly…but this outfit makes me reconsider. The completely blue outfit just works. Some might say it’s too matchy matchy–but I think it’s a perfect combination (maybe lose the bag, though).

Okay, now here is the last one. It is my favorite and also the least practical of all of the outfits pictured here.

Seriously, brace yourself.

Holy. Wow.
The first time I saw this outfit, it was just the picture on the left. I thought the dress was awesome and reminded me of some artwork I’ve seen, as well as something I’d wear. I then saw the back which is really low-cut (my only complaint).
Then…I saw the shoes. Impractical, yes, considering I can barely walk in high heels WITH the heels, but I would love to have these shoes. Maybe it’s just me, but I think this outfit in its entirety is amazing.
I wish I had money.

How was this for style inspiration? I know that I would like to get hand-me-downs from her.