Things I Love… (a Lucky 7 list from Ashley’s notebook)

  1. eBay:  I used to think of it as an online scam, but lately I’ve grown to love it likethat outcast that doesn’t really deserve to be an outcast. Obviously, there are still some people out there that will scam you, but there are many awesome sellers out there with fantastic deals. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s nice for inspiration.
  2. Betsey Johnson: Betsey without a doubt has a unique style. I love it. The brand is not the most expensive designer brand out there, but it is still one of those “It Must Be Nice to Have Money” type of brands. I love looking at her stuff for inspiration, and occasionally splurging. Say hello to wholesale…(and, #1 on the list helps when I really need a Betsey fix)
  3. Good sales: Usually, the best sales are clearance sales. When Sandusky, Ohio, still had a Pacsun, this was my favorite place. Ever. I bought numerous pairs of jeans there for $5, and H&M too. Good sales are hard to find, and don’t be fooled by the largely advertised ones (like Black Friday). Sale hunting, like thrifting, is an art you have to perfect.
  4. Thrifting:  *CAUTION!!* Thrifters must practice patience, otherwise…good luck. After lots of digging around, I have found some amazing things from a variety of stores. Try it, and if you fail, try it again. You’ll fall in love, and save money.
  5. Vintage styles with modern twists: I’ve never heard anyone say that they hate vintage clothes, although I’m sure someone out there does. (Side note: when did the ’90s become part of the “vintage” category?! Anyway…) I can honestly say that some styles, well…there’s a reason they’re vintage. Which is why sometimes, rather than buying legitimate, expensive vintage styles, I like to find new styles that are based off of “vintage” wear but are updated to match today’s taste. This is growing increasingly common, though not really where we live. Most people still stick to Abercrombie and American Eagle and Hollister for their outfits here.
  6. Lucy Hale’s style: She’s Aria from Pretty Little Liars. She’s gorgeous and petite with a fantastic style, on the show and off the show. I don’t mean to sound obsessive about her or the show; I have always loved her style. She’s worn Betsey on the show before, if that’s any indication. Her outfits mix dark and girly, and are edgy yet down to earth. I’m not a huge celebrity follower, but if I met her (and went shopping with her), I don’t think I could get much happier.
  7. Dr. Martens: I am not going to lie: this brand is expensive. I splurged once on a pair, and do not regret it. Dr. Marten’s have transformed from a work boot, ’90s grunge type brand into something that a greater variety of people are interested in. For example, their print collection features many floral styles (the inside of mine have floral print and can be revealed by folding down the sides). They also sell heels, flats, sandals, clothes, and some accessories (though they specialize in the boot). I’ve had people call mine “massive” and “practically steel-toed” but that is partially wrong. They’re not that huge. The thick sole gives a few added inches, and they are EXTREMELY comfortable. Yes, someone can stand on my toes and I won’t feel it if I’m wearing my Doc’s, but is that really a bad thing? My only complaint: they take FOREVER to lace.

and the list goes on…(but seven is lucky.)