Betsey the Bold

Betsey Johnson is one of the biggest trendsetters out there, and has been since the 1960’s. I’ve tried to find other brands like hers, but there is nothing. I’ve found more brands imitating her style recently at Kohl’s and other department stores, but nothing can touch the real Betsey. Picture bold styles, pinks, patterns, flowers, hearts, skulls…you name it. Her style is fun and flirty and girly, yet has an edge to it. Betsey Johnson’s background story is also quite inspirational, which can be read on her website here.

Now, here are some items from her collection featured on her website. These can be bought elsewhere, but if I’m going to promote her (for free, I might add) I might as well use her official website as a resource.

Fit-and-flare dresses: it’s a Betsey thing, too. Throw in pink and some bold floral patterns and it’s obviously Betsey Johnson.

I love this evening dress. Everything about it seems so beautifully delicate, yet not overly. (And, that’s a pretty awesome necklace.)

The bows on each little ornate design are actually sown on, not just printed.

I’m not a light-colored/white dress person, but there’s something about this one that I love. It also comes in hot pink.

SPARKLES. And I love the chain link belt.

Acid wash jean dress: could be punked out, or pinked out. Your choice.

There is also a corset top available that is exactly like the top of this dress.

Corset sweater top? Really awesome? Probably wouldn’t know what to wear it with if I had it?
Yeah, that’s pretty much correct.

Printed jeans and shorts are huge right now, but these are by far my favorite of the ones I’ve seen. They have a nice dark gradient look to them.

Even her swimwear is absolutely lovely.

Now, for some signature Betsey-style tights, jewelry, and heels…

Like what you see? Explore the world of Betsey Johnson! The internet brings wonderful things.

Project idea: Betsey Johnson dress

To be completed…eventually.